Define the term rock (as it pertains to geology). The Definition of a Fundamental Element in Geology

Geology: The definition of Fundamental Element

The geological term rock refers to a substance made up mainly of minerals that are found in different forms throughout the crust. Rock is the base of the earth’s crust and contains a wide range of minerals such as quartz, feldspar and mica. Rock can be classified into one of three groups based on its composition: metamorphic, sedimentary or igneous (Klein & Hurlbut 2020). Igneous rock is formed from molten magma from volcanoes or within the Earth’s crust and is composed primarily of silica, aluminum oxide, and other minerals (Klein and Hurlbut, 2020). Sedimentary rocks are formed by the compressing of sediment particles. It is composed of clay, sand and other particles. A metamorphic rock occurs when an existing rock is subjected to high heat and pressure. It changes its composition and creates foliation. (Mason 2019). Another way to classify rock is based upon their physical properties, such as color…

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