Define and differentiate Vulnerability, Risk, and Threat.Vulnerability Risk Threat ZDE

ZDE Threat Vulnerability Risk

Vulnerability can refer to any weakness or flaw that an attacker could exploit to gain access to sensitive information or take malicious action (Zhang et. al., 2020). Fan et al. 2019, 2019 defines risk as the probability or likelihood that an unwanted event will occur, such cyber attacks. It is usually measured by the possible impact and likelyness of the event. Threat is a source of potential harm, or an adverse action (Zhang and al. 2020). A zero-day attack (ZDE), is any cyber attack that exploits an unknown weakness in a system, or software. This type of attack is particularly dangerous as the victim doesn’t know about the vulnerability so they don’t have the chance to fix or patch it. (Fan and colleagues, 2019). A zero-day attack was carried out on the Colonial Pipeline in 2021. This resulted the pipeline being shut down and fuel supply disruptions on the East Coast of the United States. (US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency 2021).

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