create a viable social media strategy for the target market.Developing Social Media Strategy

Developing Social Media Strategy

In 2019, a Journal of Medical Internet Research study found that nearly all healthcare organizations have a social media presence. (Khoury 2019). But, just having a social media presence isn’t enough to market effectively to your target audience. To develop a social media strategy that works, it is crucial to consider both the goals and the market characteristics. It is crucial to determine the best platforms to target your market when developing a social media plan. A study in Journal of Medical Marketing 2020 showed that Facebook is the most used platform by healthcare organisations, with Twitter and LinkedIn close behind (Mazzarella, et al. 2020). Consider niche and newer platforms to be especially relevant to your market. You should also consider what type of content you will share on social media. According to a report published by the Journal of Health Communication, 2021, healthcare organisations that share both promotional and educational content are more likely engage with their target audience and reach their marketing goals (Shah and al. 2002).

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