consider at least one theory and one related tool and consider the application of these into your professional environment.Creative Problem Solving Tools

Innovative Problem Solving Tools

Baer & Oldham, 2019, published an article that suggests divergent thinking (or the ability generate multiple ideas or solutions to a problem) is more common in creative problem solving. Baer (2019), who recommend tools like the Six Thinking Hats Method to encourage divergent thinking and allow individuals to look at a problem from many perspectives, suggest that they use these tools. The Six Thinking Hats has proven to be a great tool for encouraging creativity and collaboration in problem-solving. In a recent meeting of the team, I used Six Thinking Hats methods to help brainstorm new ideas. It allowed us to view the problem differently, resulting in more varied ideas. One of the questions that emerged from the Six Thinking Hats analysis was how to facilitate their use in virtual teams.

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