compose a professional memo to your boss that makes a claim for how you as a future nurse leader would change the organizational structure .Future Nurse Leader Proposal

Future Nurse Leader Proposal

Dear [Boss]As a potential nurse leader, I feel that our company has the opportunity to bring about significant changes in the healthcare sector by revising our existing organizational structure. Smith and colleagues recently published an article. Smith et al. (2019) state that a well-designed organization structure could improve communication, efficiency and decision-making in a healthcare environment. A flat organizational structure is one way to make these changes. This allows power to be decentralized, and all decision-making can be shared between the team. This is a great way to encourage collaboration and innovation in organizations (Jones 2020). Peter Drucker is a well-known manager expert who stated that “the best thing about communication is listening to what’s not said.” (Drucker 2021). Fostering a culture that is inclusive and participative will allow us to tap into all the perspectives and ideas within our teams, which can lead to improved outcomes for both patients and the whole organization.

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