Compare and contrast the physical and intellectual/cognitive development of a preschool child, middle childhood and adolescent. Please provide meaningful examples. Comparing and Contrasting Physical and Intellectual/Cognitive Development Across Preschool, Middle Childhood, and Adolescence

Evaluating and Contrasting Bodily and Mental/Cognitive Improvement Throughout Preschool, Center Childhood, and Adolescence

The bodily and mental/cognitive growth of kids throughout the three developmental levels of preschool, center childhood, and adolescence differ in a number of methods. In a preschooler, bodily growth is characterised by speedy progress, in addition to improved superb and gross motor abilities (Healey, 2018). This stage can also be accompanied by a surge in cognitive growth, together with the power to rely, acknowledge shapes, and improved reminiscence (Hirsh-Pasek & Golinkoff, 2016). In distinction, throughout center childhood, bodily growth is characterised by the continued progress of the physique and a refinement of motor abilities (Healey, 2018). Cognitively, this stage is accompanied by extra refined pondering, together with the power to resolve issues, assume logically, and comprehend summary ideas (Hirsh-Pasek & Golinkoff, 2016). Lastly, throughout adolescence, bodily growth is characterised by progress spurts and the event of sexual maturity (Healey, 2018). Cognitively, adolescents develop superior reasoning and problem-solving skills, in addition to a heightened capability for summary thought (Giedd, 2017). Cont…..

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