Calculation : You measure a wood waste pile that is a paraboloid shape. You measure a length of 10.5m, a width of 7.7m, and a height of 6.2m. Assuming there is a 20% packing ratio, what are the calculations for the following attributes: a. Gross pile volume (in cubic meters) b. Net pile volume (in cubic meters) Calculating Gross and Net Volume of a Paraboloid-Shaped Wood Waste Pile

Calculating Gross Volume and Net Volume for a Paraboloid Wood Waste Pile

The shape of the pile plays a significant role in estimating the size of a wood waste pile. The most common form for wood waste piles is the paraboloid shape. Their volume can be determined using just a few measurements (Elvis 2019, 2019). The gross pile volume is calculated by adding these attributes to a pile with a length 10.5m, width 7.7m and height 6.2m (V1). A 20% packing ratio will give you 80% net pile volume. In this case, the total gross pile volume for the paraboloid-shaped wooden waste pile is 537.77 cubic metres (V1) and 429.22 cubic metres (V2) (Elvis 2019). It is easy to determine the volume for a paraboloid-shaped pile of wood waste. However, you need to consider its packing ratio. Because the pack ratio influences the pile’s volume (the volume that has wood waste actually in it),


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