Calculate the ratio of methanol (vapor pressure = 410 torr at 45C) to water (vapor pressure = 70 torr at 45C)

At 45C, the Ratio Methanol Water Vapor Pressure

The vapor pressures of water and Methanol can be compared at 45C to find their respective ratios. Methanol is vaporized at 410 degrees Celsius, while water is vaporized at 70 degrees Celsius (Seymour 2019, 2019). The ratio of water and methanol vapor pressures at 45C is 5.86 to 1. The vapor pressures of methanol and water must be divided to get the ratio. Seymour, 2019, states that the vapor pressures of methanol and water are 410 torr each. When divided, 410/70 = 5.86. This equation results in a ratio between methanol and water vapor pressure at 45C that is 5.86:1. The vapor temperature of methanol has a significantly higher vapor press than that of water at the same temperature at 45C. However, the water vapor press is lower than that of methanol when the temperature is below 45C. It is because methanol has higher boiling points than water (Seymour 2019, 2019).

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