Briefly explain the term or expression ‘polymer composed of an amino acid chain?

A polymer made up of an amino acid chain

An amino acid chain polymer is an example of a large-molecule composed of small molecules called amino acids. Polymeric chains are made up of amino acids. They form the building blocks for proteins. Polymeric chains are composed of repeating units, either of the same or of different amino acids. They can vary in length, from few units up to hundreds. The order in which the amino acids are placed within the chain determines the structure. According to the type of molecular it contains, the polymeric chain may be straightened or branched (Liu and al. 2020). The basic elements of protein are carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen. Amino acid contain these essential elements. Each amino acid contains a carboxyl group (–COOH) and an amino group (–NH2). These groups can be found as peptide bond, which links the amino acid in the polymeric chains. A peptide bond occurs when one amino acid’s carboxyl group is connected to another amino acid (Rostami and al. 2020).

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