Bomb calorimetry is a poor choice to determine the number of nutritional Calories in food; it consistently overestimates the Caloric content because

Measurement of Food Calories by Bomb Calorimetry: An Inaccuracy

Bomb calorimetry measures the food’s energy by heating a sample of it and measuring its heat release. This technique can be inaccurate when measuring the nutritional Calories of food. It is also known to consistently underestimate the Caloric contents. Chen and colleagues conducted a study. Chen et al. According to this study, bomb calorimetry fails to account energy from digestion and absorption during food metabolism. Bomb calorimetry cannot accurately determine how much energy the body can use for fuel. Bomb calorimetry also fails to account for complex chemical reactions that take place during digestion, including the breaking down of carbohydrates, proteins and fats into their appropriate building blocks. Hussain and colleagues. These changes account for a large portion of the 2019 enrolment.

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