Before World War Two, the ethanol the racial makeup of Americans prisons were around 70% X.Today that sadistic has been tuned completely on its head with the ethanol racial makeup of American prisons being about 70% y and z. What was x,y,z match! The Staggering Racial Disparity in American Prisons

American Prisons Show Incredible Racial Disparity

The American prison population was 70% white before World War 2. This statistic was completely rewritten a century later with American prisons now having a 70% Hispanic and African American population. According to the National Research Council, “the large racial disparities in the U.S. criminal justice system are among the most pressing civil rights issues of our time” (Beckett & Western, 2016). American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), 2011 research revealed that African Americans were imprisoned at six times the rate as whites. Hispanic Americans were in prison at more than twice the rate as whites. The trend can be attributed to unjust sentencing, racial profiling and unequal treatment of law enforcement. Additionally, minorities are often targeted more by the criminal justice system, and they are therefore more likely to receive the most severe punishments (Western 2016, 2016). Cont…

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