Based on the Annual Precipitation Map in Goodes World Atlas, how many inches of precipitation fall annually in Minsk, Belarus? Annual Precipitation in Minsk, Belarus

Annual Precipitation in Minsk, Belarus

Minsk in Belarus, according to Goodes World Atlas’ Annual PrecipitationMap, has an average annual precipitation level of 25 inches. Minsk’s annual precipitation range is between 20-30 inches, slightly more than the global average of 25.7 inches. (Kottek und al. Minsk is a great location for agriculture because it receives a lot of rain compared to other places in the world. Minsk enjoys a warm, continental climate that is marked by dry winters and mild summers. Minsk’s average temperature ranges between -4°C in winter and 17°C in summer (Kottek, et al.). Because it has the right amount of rain and temperatures for agricultural growth, this climate is perfect for crops. Minsk in Belarus has an average of 25 inches annually, slightly higher than the global average. Minsk’s abundance of rain combined with moderate temperatures and a humid continental climate make it an excellent location for agriculture production. Cont…

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