Atmosphere – What are the similarities and differences of the Atmospheres ( of the earth and Saturn)? How does this define a Goldilocks planet? Comparison of Earth and Saturn’s Atmosphere: Exploring the Concept of a Goldilocks Planet

Comparability of Earth and Saturn’s Environment: Exploring the Idea of a Goldilocks Planet

Earth and Saturn’s atmospheres have plenty of similarities and variations. Each planets include quite a lot of gases and molecules, together with nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and methane (NASA, 2020). Moreover, each atmospheres include various ranges of mud and aerosols of their atmospheres (NASA, 2020). Nonetheless, the composition of gases and aerosols differ between the 2 planets, because the Earth’s environment consists of 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, 0.9% argon, and 0.04% carbon dioxide (NASA, 2020). Then again, Saturn’s environment consists of 96.3% hydrogen and three.25% helium (NASA, 2020). The idea of a Goldilocks planet, or a planet that’s “excellent” for all times, is predicated on the planet’s capability to maintain life. Compared to Saturn, Earth’s environment is taken into account to be extra hospitable for all times, because it incorporates the mandatory components for all times to exist, akin to nitrogen and oxygen, within the correct ratios (Kasting, 2019). Cont…

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