are there any type of allergic responses that are primary immune responses? If so please give examples. Are Primary Immune Responses Involved in Allergic Reactions?

Is it possible for primary immune responses to be involved in allergic reactions? 

An allergic reaction is an excessive immune response to a foreign substance such as pollen, pet dander or other allergens. Although allergies have been traditionally thought to be secondary immune reactions, recent research has shown that allergic reactions may be primary immune responses. To begin with, recent research suggests that the body’s initial immune response to allergens may be a primary response. A study was published in 2019. Researchers administered a nasal allergy to several participants. They then observed their responses. The researchers found that the body’s first immune response was a primary response, including the release of cytokines and other immune cells. A primary immune response may indicate that it is an initial stage in an allergic reaction. In addition, research indicates that the body’s primary immune response can have an effect on subsequent allergic reactions. In 2020, a study found that IgE antibodies can be produced when the body’s primary immune reaction is activated. When the allergen comes back, these antibodies may cause an allergic reaction. It could also indicate that the allergen is not being used in all cases. Cont…

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