analyze an Episodic note case study that describes abnormal findings in patients seen in a clinical setting. Diagnosing Abdominal Pain

Diagnostics for abdominal pain

It is common to experience abdominal pain. However, it can sometimes be difficult to diagnose the source of the problem (Ball and colleagues, 2019). For accurate diagnosis of abdominal pain it is necessary to collect a complete history, which should include the severity, location, duration, and symptoms of the pain. CTA scans and physical examinations can also help to identify the root cause. The use of differential diagnoses to narrow down possible causes and help guide testing can be helpful (Dains et. al., 2019,). Also, it is important to identify specific causes for abdominal pain such as constipation and diarrhea. As a precaution, the CTA scan of the patient suffering from severe abdominal pain in his mid-epigastric was done. A differential diagnosis could be proposed to address the full range of possible causes.

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