Although the single cell can produce the protein needed to combat the green zombie toxin, it cannot produce enough protein on its own to help people. What is a solution to this problem?

Investigating Synthetic Biology to Create Protein-Producing Cells in Combat of the Green Zombie Toxin

A growing area of research and innovation is synthetic biology. This can help to overcome the problem of insufficient protein to counter the green zombie toxins. Synthetic biology works by inserting new genetic material in cells to produce the desired output. This would allow for the creation of sufficient protein to counter the effects of the green toxin. (Gorman 2017). Scientists can engineer the cells’ genetic makeup to produce large amounts of desired proteins. Scientists are exploring genetic manipulation as a way to improve the productivity of protein production. Yassen et al. Genetic manipulation was used to twofold the production of the desired protein in a study by Yassen and al. It can also be used to increase the protein a cell produces, which can solve the problem with insufficient protein production.

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