AIB1, a member of the steroid receptor co-activator family, is amplified in some breast cancers. Explain how this amplification may alter steroid-dependent breast cancers. Be specific on mechanism of action. Role of AIB1 Amplification in Steroid-Dependent Breast Cancers

Steroid-Dependent Breast Cancers: The Role of AIB1 Amplification 

AIB1, also known as Activator Interactor-1 is a member the steroid receptor family. Some breast cancers have been shown to show amplification of this gene. Research has shown that AIB1 can alter the development of breast cancers dependent on steroids. AIB1 acts by activating and binding to steroid receptors. Amplifying AIB1 increases the activation rate of steroid receptors, which leads to an increase in expression of steroid dependent genes. Rudy et. al. (2016). This can result in increased survival, growth, and metastatic capability of the cancer-cells. Additionally, AIB1 amplification was found to improve breast cancer cell steroid sensitivities, which allows for a lesser dose of hormone therapy (Du et. al., 2020). It may also reduce side effects, which could prove to be a benefit for patients. AIB1 also regulates the expression of genes that are involved in cancer (Li and al. 2019, 2019). This may lead to increased cancer aggressiveness by amplifying AIB1. Cont…

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