Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) is a form of bone marrow cancer. In about 30 of AML cases, scientists have found that large portions of DNA are moved from their normal location and are instead located on a different chromosome, In order to understand how this happens, on which cellular process should the scientists focus their research? The Role of Chromosomal Translocations in Acute Myeloid Leukemia: Exploring the Cellular Processes Involved

Chromosomal Translocations Play a Role in Acute MyeloidLeukemia. Exploring Cellular Processes

Acute myeloidleukemia is a bone marrow disease that causes abnormal white blood cell growth. Researchers have identified chromosomal Translocations, which are large parts of DNA that are found on different chromosomes in 30% to 40% of AML cases. This phenomenon has been studied in detail by researchers who have focused their attention on the cells involved. The cell division process, called mitosis or cell division, allows for even division of the chromosomes between daughter cells. When chromosomes undergo mitosis they are first compressed and moved to opposing poles. Chromosomal translocations can occur if chromosomes fail to properly move to the poles in mitosis. Chromin remodeling is an important cellular process, which is crucial for DNA replication or repair. Chromosomal translocations may also be affected by chromatin remodelling. A combination of DNA damage and errors during mitosis can lead to AML-related chromosomal misallocations. For instance, a study by Reifenberger et al. A study by Reifenberger et al. (2020) showed that AML-related chromosomal translocations are due to a mixture of mitotic errors as well as chromatin-mediated damage. Wang and colleagues also found that chromosomal translocations in AML are caused by a combination of mitotic errors and chromatin-mediated DNA damage. A 2016 study by Wang and colleagues found that 87% (of AML) cases were affected by chromosomal mutations. This was due to DNA damage from chromatin remodeling. Cont…

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