According to Konrad Lorenz, what is the first deadly sin? What are its main characteristics? Discuss whether it has any influence on other sins or not? If yes, describe what kind of influence is it. What are the main problems resulting from technological development? And what does Lorenz mean by “Entropy of feeling”? The first deadly sin according to Konrad Lorenz

Konrad Lorenz calls the first fatal sin “the first and greatest.”

Konrad Lorenz says that the “first deadly sin” is “a lack of emotional bonds between children and parents.” (Lorenz 2017). It is defined as a lack in empathy, understanding and support for children by parents. This can lead to them feeling neglected or ignored. Children who are influenced by this sin have a higher likelihood of growing up in a world of insecurity and frustration, leading to them being more susceptible to engaging in dangerous behavior (Tesar, et. al. 2019, 2019). This sin, Lorenz believes, has an effect on the development of other sins such as envy, greed, and lust. Parents create an emotional deprivation environment that encourages their children to commit other sins. Lorenz 2017, 2017. When discussing the problems resulting from technological development, Lorenz refers to the “entropy of feeling”. Lorenz believes technology’s constant, rapid advancements are leading to emotional overload. This can lead to a decline in empathy and understanding. It also leads to a decrease in the sense of belonging and connection. Cont…

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