Acadia is full of U-shaped valleys. V-shaped valleys are usually the result of carving by streams or rivers. What has caused this U-shape in Acadia.

Acadia Formation of U-Shaped Valleys

Acadia National Park is located in Maine and contains many breathtaking U-shaped valleys. This glacial erosion has created these beautiful valleys. These valleys were formed by glaciers created by the Laurentide Ice Sheet. It spanned roughly 25,000-8,000 years (Schaefer 2017, 2017). Unique erosional methods create U-shaped valleys from glaciers. Goudie 2017: Glaciers move over the landscape, eroding the bottom and the sides. The glacier’s movement causes the valleys to become deeper and wider. Abrasive materials such as sediment and rocks are also carried by the glacier, further damaging valley walls. This material is deposited into the valley by the glacier as it melts. It creates a U-shape. Acadia National Park was especially affected by the Laurentide Ice sheet. It was also thicker than other ice sheets and lasted longer (Schaefer 2017, 2017). It took more time for the terrain to change and created the U-shaped valleys we see today.

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