Acadia is full of large, extremely heavy boulders that are sitting atop mountains. How did these come to be located here?

Acadian Boulders Mystery: Unsolved

Acadian, Canada has some of the biggest and most striking boulders on the planet. The size and variety of these amazing rocks that can range from the dimensions of small houses to cars has been mysterious for years. It is a mystery how these huge rocks ended up all over the Acadian terrain. According to some scientists, the boulders may have been formed by glaciers that moved through the Acadian landscape, leaving large amounts of rock behind (Lubin 2017). The boulders can be found in places that have been covered by glaciers, supporting this theory. The boulders can be found high up on mountains far from glacial activity, but this cannot be explained by glacial activity. Others suggest the boulders may have been carried there by floods, or some other natural catastrophes. It could also explain why boulders have been found at mountaintops. This is because powerful floods might have lifted them and left them there. This theory has been disproven by Lubin (2017).

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