a. Some people say that meat-eaters contribute to global warming. Explain this point of view. ( 2 marks) b. Why is vegetarianism considered to be more “energy efficient”? (1 marks) BI IU – Biology 5. Research either a Canadian technology or a project intended to help nourish expanding populations. The Impact of Meat-Eaters on Global Warming

Global Warming and Meat-Eaters: What Does It Mean? 

Since the 1970s, debates have been ongoing about how meat-eaters affect the environment. The argument is that global warming can be directly caused by meat-eaters through their diet choices. Because raising livestock to produce food is a very energy-intensive activity that emits large quantities of greenhouse gases into our atmosphere, it is argued that this is why. According to a 2016 study in Science of the Total Environment, 18% of global human-caused greenhouse gases are caused by livestock production. Additionally, livestock production requires large amounts land and water. This can cause deforestation or water scarcity. Clearing land for feed and grazing can lead to habitat destruction, which in turn reduces biodiversity, and contributes to global warming (Garlick 2022). Vegetarianism is more efficient because of these factors. Vegetarianism lowers demand for animals, meaning that less food is produced. Vegetarianism saves money and requires less land and water. Vegetarian diets have fewer ingredients and are easier to prepare, which results in lower emissions. Cont…

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