(a) Illustrate the manufacturing of methanol from synthesis gas and also discuss the reactions involvedxin manufacturing of synthesis gas from natural gas. (b) Mention few uses of chlorine. Synthesis Gas Manufacturing for Methanol Production and Uses of Chlorine

Synthesis Gas Manufacturing to Produce Methanol and Uses for Chlorine

It is used to make many chemical products. Methanol is an important chemical. You can make it from both carbon monoxide or hydrogen synthesis gas. The steam reforming process is used to produce synthetic gas. This involves passing the natural gas through a catalyst under high pressure and at high temperatures. Then steam is then added. A synthesis gas is formed when the reaction occurs. It is made up of carbon monoxide, hydrogen, and other elements (Williams 2016, 2016). The next step after the synthesis gas has been produced is the conversion into methanol. This can be done by catalytically hydrogenating carbon monoxide. The hydrogen and carbon monoxide are then passed through a catalyst under high pressure and temperature. The reaction leads to the formation of. Cont…

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