A geneticist induces a mutation in the gene that codes for cleavage and polyadenylation specificity factor (CPSF) in a line of cells growing in the laboratory. What would be the immediate effect of this mutation on RNA molecules in the cultured cells? The Immediate Effects of a Mutation in the CPSF Gene on RNA Molecules

A Mutation in the CPSF Gene On RNA Molecules: Immediate Effects 

The cleavage, polyadenylation speciality factor (CPSF), gene controls the cleavage of pre-mRNA molecular cleavages and polyadenylations of mRNA molecules. It is crucial for producing mature mRNA. A geneticist can induce a mutation of the CPSF gene that will immediately cause a drop in production of mature mRNA molecules. Because the mutated CPSF genes will not recognize polyadenylation and pre-mRNA cleavage signals correctly, this can lead to abnormally large, functional pre-mRNA molecular sizes (Stanojevic (2016)). There are many downstream consequences of the mutated CPSF genetic. It results in a decrease in mature mRNA molecules. First, the levels of proteins encoded in mRNA molecules will decrease, which can lead to a decline in various proteins’ functions. The second is the mutation. Cont…

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