A cell in mitosis performs which of the following events? The Steps of Mitosis: What Happens in a Cell During This Process?

The Steps of Mitosis: What Occurs in a Cell Throughout This Course of?

Mitosis is the method of a single cell dividing into two similar cells. It’s a necessary a part of the pure life cycle of a cell. Throughout this course of, the cell is accountable for replicating its genetic materials and distributing it equally to the 2 ensuing daughter cells. Whereas it’s a complicated course of, sure occasions happen that may be damaged down into distinct steps. Step one of mitosis is Prophase. Throughout this stage, the chromosomes grow to be seen, the nuclear envelope breaks down, and the spindle fibers start to kind. The centrioles, that are situated on the reverse ends of the cell, additionally transfer in the direction of the center and begin the formation of the mitotic spindle. That is when the method of chromosomal replication begins (Wang et al., 2020). The second step is Metaphase. Throughout this stage, the chromosomes line up in the midst of the cell. The spindle fibers then connect to the centromere of every chromosome in an effort to correctly align them. Cont….

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