238 4 92 U 2 a + X +3 n ty Uranium-238 is an unstable nuclide that emits an alpha particle, three neutrons, and gamma particles. A = 231 and Z = 90. What daughter nuclide is formed from this reaction?

Formation of Thorium-234 in Uranium-238

U-238, also known as Uranium-238, is an unstable nuclear nuclide. Radioactive decay occurs via radioactive decay using alpha, neutron and Gamma particle emission. (Borrelli 2016,). A daughter nuclide is produced, Thorium-234 or Th-234. U-238 has anatomic number (Z92) and anatomic mass (A238). This reaction results in a daughter nuclide, Thorium-234 (Th-224). Alpha decay occurs when U-238 nuclei spontaneously release an alpha particles from the nucleus. The alpha particle, a helium nuclear nucleus that contains two protons as well as two neutrons, is described by Hendricks et. al. (2016). This reduces U-238 nuclei into a Th-234, and the alpha particles contains two protons (Borrelli 2016). The process also produces three neutrons (Hendricks, et al. 2016). This spontaneous decay reaction between U-238, Th-234 releases energy in the form gamma radio radiation.

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