1) You have just eaten a hamburger. Describe the digestion and absorption of the protein in the hamburger up to the point that the amino acids are absorbed by skeletal muscles. 2) What is meant by the amino acid pool and what is the connection to protein turnover? 3) Describe what is meant by protein sparing. Marie, a 22 year old soccer player, is 5’7 and weighs 140 pounds. She has a 2.5 hour practice 4 days/week and competes 3x week. Her body fat is 14%. She ate the following for her daily intake yesterday: (see attached pictures) Marie’s energy needs are 2940 kcals/day 4) Calculate the total amount of protein (g) she needs based on her sport and intensity of season. 5) Calculate how much protein (g) is in her diet 6) What recommendations do you have for Marie? The Digestion and Absorption of Protein in a Hamburger

The Digestion and Absorption of Protein in a Hamburger 

The digestion and absorption of protein in a hamburger begins as quickly as it’s consumed. The digestion of protein entails the breakdown of enormous protein molecules into smaller fragments generally known as peptides after which into particular person amino acids (Holland et al. 2017). Within the abdomen, peptides are damaged down by enzymes similar to pepsin after which additional damaged down within the small gut by enzymes similar to trypsin, chymotrypsin, and carboxypeptidases (Yamada et al. 2021). Because the peptides and amino acids are damaged down, they’re absorbed by the small gut through energetic and passive transport (Liu et al. 2020). As soon as the small gut has absorbed the amino acids, they enter the bloodstream and are distributed to numerous tissues. Skeletal muscle groups, particularly, require lots of amino acids to restore and develop. The amino acids are absorbed by the muscle groups and are used to type new proteins or are added to the amino acid pool (Chen et al. 2021). The amino acid pool is a time period that refers back to the reserve of amino acids saved within the muscle groups, which can be utilized for numerous processes similar to protein synthesis and the upkeep of a balanced amino acid focus within the physique (Gleeson et al. 2016). The protein turnover course of is the continuous breakdown and synthesis of proteins within the physique, and the amino acid pool continuously replenishes the amino acids utilized in protein turnover (Rosenbloom et al. 2022). Cont…

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