1. A 5 month old exclusively breastfed infant is at risk for what deficiency? What supplementation should be recommended to avoid deficiency? 2. What is Corrected Gestational Age and what purpose does it serve? Until what age should the CGA be used in calculating an infant’s weight, ht/length, and head circumference? 3. What is the Corrected Gestational Age for a toddler with a chronological age of 19 months who was born at 32 weeks? 4. A girl sees a Dr. on 14th birthday for her well check-up, she weighs 107lbs and is 5″2″ tall. Calculate her BMI and utilizing the CDC BMI chart, determine her BMI percentile and weight class. 5. Determine the fluid needs for a 15kg 3 year old girl. 6. Determine the daily calorie needs for a 10 year boy who weighs 78kg. 7. Determine the acute malnutrition risk of a 24 month old that weighs 8.64 kg. The Importance of Corrected Gestational Age for Infants and Toddlers

The Significance of Corrected Gestational Age for Infants and Toddlers 

Completely breastfed infants, particularly these 5 months of age or youthful, are in danger for vitamin D and iron deficiency (Lerner et al., 2018; Surana et al., 2019). Vitamin D supplementation must be advisable to keep away from deficiency, in addition to iron-fortified meals and/or iron supplementation (Lerner et al., 2018). Corrected Gestational Age (CGA) is a crucial issue to contemplate when assessing the expansion and growth of preterm infants. CGA is outlined because the gestational age of a preterm toddler calculated from the date of their precise start, moderately than the date of the final regular menstrual interval (Lerner et al., 2018). CGA takes under consideration the immaturity of the toddler and helps to account for the distinction between chronological age and growth age (Lerner et al., 2018). CGA must be utilized in calculating an toddler’s weight, peak/size, and head circumference till age 2 (Surana et al., 2019). The CGA for a toddler with a chronological age of 19 months and born at 32 weeks is 17 weeks. That is calculated by subtracting the toddler’s precise gestational age at start (32 weeks) from their chronological age (19 months). This CGA can be utilized to check the kid’s progress to their growth age, moderately than their chronological age, to make sure the kid is assembly their anticipated milestones (Surana et al., 2019). Cont…

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